Parkinson Activity Centre Expansion

Parkinson Activity Centre Expansion consisted of the construction of a new, two-storey timber framed structure with a total floor area of approximately 13 000 square feet. WHM worked closely with Meiklejohn Architects Inc. to create an innovative structural design that would exceed the expectations of the City of Kelowna and the local senior citizens.

Always an important feature in WHM designs, this project demonstrates various examples of creativity and innovation. Cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels were used for the roof structure and the floor beams consisted of hybrid steel-glulam sections. These sections allowed WHM to minimise the depth of the structural framing while maintaining the bright, open space desired by the local senior citizens. Furthermore, the exterior wall of the atrium consists of a novel masonry-LVL stud composite which offers a space-saving alternative to a standard masonry block fire wall.