Current Career Opportunities


At WHM Structural Engineers, we enjoy what we do and have fun doing it. With creativity and innovative ideas at the heart of our business, our team strives to find the right design solutions.


We think creatively.

Our company is looking for individuals who can think beyond their specific scope of work. Innovation is an important part of our identity and what pushes us to continuously look for new structural solutions.






We collaborate together.

Structures need to work together and complement systems such as architecture, landscape and mechanical.  This carries into our day-to-day tasks. Our goal is to cultivate a cohesive team willing to help each other, whatever the task may be.






We find practical solutions.

As a structural design firm, we take ideas and make them work for ease in construction and cost efficiencies. Our engineers and drafters converse with key stakeholders to find and develop practical solutions that support their ideas.







We are responsive.

Our team responds quickly and efficiently. We are looking for people who can find answers and keep our client’s projects on track.






We enjoy what we do.

Having projects that inspire us is one part but being part of a great group to collaborate with is another! At WHM, we like what we do, and we enjoy who we work with. Throughout the year we host many team building events to get us out of the office, but we also make each week inside the office enjoyable with birthday lunches, Chocolate Wednesdays, Cupcake Fridays and our Monthly Cocktail get-togethers.






Professional Development

Like our projects, we build our employee’s career up and out. We offer a stimulating work environment with opportunities for growth, including support for professional development: Monthly professional development webinars and talks, and Individual Development Plans that focus on technical and job-specific competencies.



Equal Opportunity Employer

At WHM, collaboration and creativity are core values of our firm and this is unattainable without different perspectives. We are an inclusive workplace and welcome experienced individual’s regardless of race, religion, gender identity and orientation.

If you like what we stand for, and you’re looking for a stimulating and rewarding work environment, come join our team!